Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Flori...

Today we went over to celebrate Gabe's Mothers birthday at Geezers in Norwalk. We were the first to arrive of our party of 20. Everyone else came straight from the church where Julian had his first Communion which we missed. We had a nice champagne brunch with the family.

We sat Ava for the first time in a restaurant High chair..she liked it.

Little close up of the princess

Grandpa came to give some love

Here is Julian dressed nicely after his communion
All grown up and Yvonne and her daughter Sophia

Here was the cake that Yvonne got for Gabe's Mom Flori..

Here she is getting help from Cadin opening her gift that Andy and Davina got her

Than little Savannah came over and Ava was having fun watching her open her gifts

This was suppose to be just Andy, Davina and the boys with Julian but Parker and Natalie had to join..

Singing Happy Birthday

She got a lot of help blowing out her candles from the grandkids

Hey what's going on over there????
We had a great time. I didn't eat much thanks to the slimquick pills . We had a nice time and it was nice and air conditioned inside...after I dropped Gabe and the kids home Toni and I went shopping and I bought like 5 dresses,some leggings,belt ,a couple scarves and a cool shirt...see never beat the heat in a department store..

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