Thursday, April 16, 2009

The beginning of Spring cleaning

I guess it really does got to get worse before it gets better and the pictures show that Tis a true statement.
The biggest mess in my house is all the damn clothes we have. Really you all just don't understand we have so much that I finally;y was sick of seeing several piles of clothes tucked in corners here and there and piles on the dressers and in boxes in the closets so I asked my mom to come over last night and told her that I was going to get every article of clothing in the house (which was basically everything but what was hanging in the 4 closets we have here) and make one big mountain in the living room and we were going to make a throw away pile,a keep pile and a donation pile.

Here is going through the MOUNTAIN of clothes that went from one nice mountain to a landfill once Parker dove through it all..the baby had fun sitting in the clothes too.

One day this will all be yours ....sorting out a household of clothing

I Kid you not I think Parker is under there somewhere too
We successfully got the laundry sorted out and I threw away a LOT of things..I guess it gives me an excuse to buy a new wardrobe...I am gonna wait though until I shed some pounds
.....The clothes got sorted now tonight they are all being washed!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Whatever happened to that huge bag of mod clothes I gave you? Did you find them in there, haha...I need to do spring cleaning too.

Iris said...

I actually have a lot of my old MOD clothes in the garage in big plastic bins..I am still hoping to fit into them again one day.