Monday, April 6, 2009

Brandee's Baby Shower

So I was so tired to post this on Sunday so I am posting it today.
Sunday was Brandee and Brians baby shower.

All the women met up and Brian and Brandess place for the shower while all the men did a pissing on the baby's head or something like that (he's British so I imagine it's a British term) at the local bar.

The baby shower was very nice. Ava was a little moody cause she was up til 7am with no nap.
We played a lot of fun games and Brandee got a lot of nice stuff.

We are looking forward to meeting Jack Oliver in a few weeks!!

This was a very Yummy Lemon cake..I loved the little monkey face.

I made sure to hit up the food table right away and take advantage of the almond champagne...luckily we only live 5 houses down from them

There was 345 malt balls if I can remember correctly. I won One game and won the diaper raffle YAY

Brandee was refilling everyones wine glass...had to get a picture of the pregnant lady double fisting Wine carafe's

All the ladies having some food
She really did get a lot of nice presents

After Ava woke up from her 10 minute nap at the party

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