Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter at the McCaffrey's

We had a very busy Easter this year.

Gabe's parents stayed the night at our house since we went the night before. I got early to get some eggs boiling for Parker to color than got the kids dressed in their Easter garb.
I found this old 60's baby Bonnet at my thrift store...of course I had to put her in her Easter bonnet.

Ava got a neat Easter bunny doll. Grandma also brought her a baby lamb doll,bubbles,a baby doll and some plastic eggs that had candy but Parker got to eat those.

Parker got a basket full of goodies, He got a bubble machine,tons of candy,and a few Easter toys such as a catch game,a waterbird whistle and a bunch of sour candy drops he likes as you can see in the picture.

We than baked some croissants and rolls and got our bag full of plastic Easter eggs that were full of goodies and headed over to Gabe's sister Linda's House. Ava big cousin Maddie loves playing with her.

A picture of my sister in laws and niece and father in law
There was a TON OF FOOD and PEOPLE there. The neighborhood and all the in laws and their families we all there. They had a jump house for the kids and everyone was told to bring a dish and bring eggs for the BIG Easter Egg Hunt. Ava got a Golden egg...Which was worth 5 dollars!!!
Parker found one too.

Parker got lots of eggs

This is what I saw around the corner of the jumper
The boys (all cousins) Going through their Easter loot.
The hubby and I
Gabe with his mom and sisters

Gabe and his brother Steven

After awhile we left and headed back home cause my family and friends were here having some Easter food. The gals came by and my brother had the twins and my parent were hear and we hung out and than had a few martini's and than after the martini's kicked in a few people left and the twins were picked up me ally my brother and Gabe continued the party since all the kids were asleep as well and had some more drinks and played trivia games on the playstation 2. I won 3 out of 4 games...not to shabby

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Holly said...

i LOVE the shot of gabe with his mom and sisters! just adorable!