Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All that Glitters..

So my lovely PRADA eyeglasses finally broke beyond recognition so today I went to get new frames because I been without glasses for over a month and I am blind as a bat without glasses and now been suffering with headaches and dizziness.
Anyway I went a little crazy and Spent 406.98 dollars on my new frames..yipes.
On a positive spin the retail cost on them at the eye clinic was 620.00 so my VSP and the 20% that my company pays on top of the VSP I got a liitle discount.

How could I refuse these beauties! They are jewlery and eyes for me. Plus they are limited edition. The clinic only had two pair. Black and a really nice purple with white on the inside...I made a switch and picked the purple ones..They lighten my eyes up better than the black ones.

Gabe is going to moyder me!

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