Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today I left work early for a dentist appointment.
I had to have 2 fillings and extraction and a bone graft. Needless to say it was not a very pleasant trip.

It was a 2 hour procedure..It was sickening too because when I got up my little bib they put on me was covered in blood..it was a massacre!! The assistant was even wiping blood off my face for me..Anyway All i got was a measly prescription for Motrin which (DOES NOT WORK)
Anyway I am in total pain right now..the even worst news is I have to go back for more work in two weeks and have my stitches removed next week...

This is a picture of the big steel syringe they used to give me my 6 (YES 6!!) shots of Novocaine.

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I need to go to the dentist too, and Im sooooooo not looking forward to it!