Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Dean!

It was SUCH a busy Saturday. Besides the fact of waking up with a Horrible hang over I had to be in Santa Monica at 10am to help with some baby shower party planning with the gals. We met up at the Omelet Parlor which was AWESOME! I will be back and we had breakfast and talked baby shower. I than got back home and just chilled out awhile to help the hang over.
Gabe was out on the Long Beach scooter ride but my mother in law was at my house watching the kids so I just relaxed awhile in the bedroom.
Once Gabe got home it was time to head over to Dean's 40th Birthday surprise BBQ party.

Andrain showed up with one of her awesome theme cakes..Anyone who knows Dean knows he is Hawaiian so what not a better cake than an Hawaiian shirt cake. It was like 5 layers of the most moist sponge cake with fresh fruit filling.

Dean was the last to show up and he thought he was coming for Mondo's and Gina's Bon voyage party since they are leaving to England for vacation but he was a bit stunned when Mondo and Gina came out with the birthday cake and everyone yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAN with whistles and was funny when that was going on he was all looking around him like What's going on??

Him checking out the cake

Sluggo..Gabe said I should caption this photo

Jeff and Carla

The vacant yard over is also Mondo's sisters property so they had set up croquet and horseshoes for everyone to play

Arnold..master of surprise parties and Diablo Mike and Dave in the back

Gabe , Dave and BJ

Mike Burns was able to get one of the hula girl hurricane glasses..hey what makes him so special????

Than I had to have of course us gals ..we were talking about how we gotta get Loryn out for girls night!!

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

awww, Dean...He was always so nice. I haven't seen BJ In forever! I need to make an appearance and see some of the old people, haha..