Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back to school

Today was Parker's back to School night. Normally Gabe goes too but since he is working tonight just Ava and I went.

This is Parker sitting at his desk with all his little art projects on display for me to take home. He sits at the front of the class which I like.

He had a classroom tour list that he checked off for each thing he showed me.
This was our first stop..viewing the animals. They had a bull frog, some crickets, a goldfish, two love birds and a plastic container full of silk worms (blah) we went to look at the science projects they were working on

another stop was looking at their turtle shells and looking at the kids homemade books they had made and put in a bin so they can go read each others books. Parker's book was a Army Man book.

After viewing Parker's classroom it was off to visit the other things going on.
Here is Parker with his teacher Mrs. Key

Parker's after-school program (WRAP) were selling fruit smoothies outside on the playground..of course Parker being part of WRAP we had to buy some smoothies to show our support.

After the smoothies we went over to the library where we went to the book fair and bought 3 books for Parker to read to Ava. The library was a complete madhouse..time to go home.


Thelma said...

So cute! Remember our back to school nights at Bret Harte?

Iris said...

Vaguely--I remember most of the time my parents would not even come to back to school nights. Well my mom did but my dad pfftt never.