Monday, April 6, 2009

The Media Party at work

At work today we held the new Vespa 300 media launch at our facility. We had a few of the NY staff there and our CEO flew in also for the event and to come see all what all the money he invested went into.

We had about 30 press in from motorcycles magazines,newspapers, and freelance writers.
It was a good time.
I did guest check ins and hep around where needed and worked with the catering company that came in

This is a vacant lobby before the event started

Here is one of 3 tents that were set up in our parking lot

Here is the line up of the demo bikes we had available to the press

This is Erik M from the east coast and Peter who works with me at my office

Umm yeah I had to take a picture of some of the drinks we had available..

We had a nice array of food but I HAD to photo the desserts. Yep I took advantage and help myself to some cheesecake bits, cannoli's and chocolate covered strawberries..I can't wait to go to work tomorrow to have left overs!!

Just a quick shot of some of the press inside

A picture of the CEO making his speech..but my flash did not work..boooo
We had a lot of cool things to give away and there was some leftovers that the man in charge said I could have a couple items...I love my job even when I am not doing fun events...I live for events though and I'm quite the conversationalist...I got a nice round of applause when my name was mentioned in the thank you...I should really do these things more often.

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