Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Rick!

Last night we went to celebrate Rick's birthday at a Japanese restaurant in Stanton. We sat for a long while enjoying Japanese Beer,Plum wine and Saki after Saki.

Here is one end of the table

And the other end..Sluggo said he was talking about Port

Than Adrian Showed up with one of her Famous Birthday cakes (she did my baby Shower Cake) She does amazing work and always ready for hire! The cakes are reallllly good too!
Rick's theme was a sushi cake. It even had fondant chopsticks and a dipping tray on the board it was sitting on..too cool.

I had Loryn take a photo of us cousins

Ok take 2!!!

After dinner it was time to let Rick blow out the candles

Closer view of the cake

We all cheered Gabe cause he was the only one to brave and eat the Fondant Sushi on the top of the cake..He said it was really good. Even better than his dish

After dinner we all went to have some beers at The ratskeller in Old World...we had a pretty awesome joke fest upstairs in the evening..some even made Michael Steven Burns blush!

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