Sunday, April 12, 2009

Colette Turns 2!!

Yesterday was Colettes 2ND Birthday. They had a casual party at their home in Venice Beach.
They had in their backyard The little Mermaid soundtrack on loop and all the kids were playing in the back yard with the bubble machine while the adults sat on the table outside enjoying Italian sandwiches and vino.

I sat Ava on the grass in the backyard for her to watch the bigger kids

All the kids than had a Easter Egg hunt for the birthday Party..I had to tell Parker to make sure to let the little kids get some eggs before he went crazy.
Someone gave a egg to Ava

Here is the Birthday girl..she opened her eggs to eat the candy as she collected the egg one at a time

Everyone was having a good time watching the kids
Parker had to take a break to eat some candy
Ava's BFF Evie Finally arrived. They had fun. Evie had a pacifier attached to her dress and it caught Ava's eyes instantly she went to reach for it and tried to put it in her mouth.
I can't beleive How red Evie's hair is.
Soon we will have another little girl in the mix
Josh was telling us a story about his old hippity Hop
Time to sing Happy Birthday

This was a homemade cake one of their friends made. It reminded me of the cakes my grandmother used to make for me as a child.
Vickie and Evie

I had to get a pregnancy pose of Holly. We are all stoked and already got the plans in work for her baby shower in June. We all are thinking a ladies luncheon is a must to complete all the details. We can't wait for baby Sofia.

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