Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Girls night

Tonight was our monthly Girls Cocktail night. The gals came over and everyone brought something for the evening.
I brought the Passion Fruit Puree, The lychee and pink Grapefruit Liqueur and cakes and whip creme for strawberry short cake
Ally brought BBQ chicken wings and raspberry vodka
Toni brought Beef Stroganoff and ice and ruby red juice
Thelma brought home made guacamole and chips and strawberries
and Holly brought Vodka 2 bottles
We started the night off with Lychee Martinis and got pretty buzzed. In the middle of the night I made us all strawberry Short Cake and than at the end of the night Toni and Thelma were out for the count and passed out on the floor.
Gabe went out with the guys but when he came home he made us gals breakfast. We all had some and than now everyone just left as you see it is 2:35 am in the morning. Toni is passed out on my living room floor....I tell ya thought it was a fun time!!!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Hey I was up to, but I wasnt drinking....lucky you!!!

Ally said...

That is SUCH a bad ass pic of all of us! You are looking especially hot in that shot! :)