Sunday, April 19, 2009

And Tonight's Host...

Was Thelma!! We had planned for the Bi-monthly Girls night cocktails to be at Thelmas'place. It was the perfect opportunity for Toni and Ally to have the chance to see Thelma's awesome Japanese backyard.
Holly and I rode our scooters over there. Once we got there Ally had arrived and than Toni. We had to get a start on the Lychee martinis than we went over to the backyard table under the gazebo where Thelma had the table nicely set up with tables settings and chopsticks and she had out some awesome garlic bread,California rolls (SO GOOD), Water crackers with cream cheese and sliced strawberries and cheese and crackers, Toni made some Salas and chips and Ally brought over these really good spring pizza's that she made at my baby shower. It was a awesome spread of snacks..Oh and the brownie bottoms thelmas made were kick ass too but I could not finish mine..I think mainly cause the diet pills kill my appetite.

I was coming out with some Martini refills and thought what a great picture of the girls under the gazebo listening to music and chatting away

As I walked across the bridge I stopped to take a picture of the koi

So we all wanted to do our group photo so I was trying to set my timer on my camera which apparently this time around did not work to well . I showed this attempt to the girls and they were cracking up and said OH YOU GOTTA BLOG THAT PHOTO!

These shots were a little better

It's funny I had to set the camera on top of a mask hanging on the garage to get these photos

Ally brought Raleigh over too..I think he was very good

Once it got darker we all decided to walk over to the meditation hut and light some candles and play the sex and the city trivia game...We told Toni to do a Zen pose

It was a little too dark in there to play so we went back next to the bon fire and under the gazebo to play there

Toni by the fire us girls made...the guys thought we would have trouble lighting a fire..pfftt

After sex and the city game we started playing some other drinking games..Thelma was hammered that we didn't want to torture her by giving her more shots

Now I known Thelma since the Third grade so we been through a lot growing up from our youth,to teenage years to young adulthood to mature women(for the most part) and I ALWAYS know that Thelmas is wasted when she starts playing Air this time it was getting really late so Holly and I got on our scooters and drove back home (which is less than 5 minutes away on our bikes. Only a street light over.
It was a awesome night!


Thelma said...

Damn my boobs are huge!!

Iris said...

Welcome to my world..muhahahwhaahhwha..I actually hate mine though....

Ally said...

Saturday was SOOO fun!!!

Thank God no one had a camera on Friday night... ;)