Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don the BeachComber

So the big buzz now is about the "new" Don The beachcomber restaurant or should I say the revival of the classic Don the Beachcomber restaurant. Now here is a little briefing about Don the Beachcomber for those not in the Know.

Donn Beach is known as the Father of the Tiki Restaurants,bars and nightclubs. He opened his tiki restaurant which was called Don the Beachcomber (hence his name which he legally changed to Donn Beach because of the famous restaurant). He later opened restaurants which was mimicked by Trader Vic when in the late 40's and 50's tiki culture became a big fad. He made famous a lot of potent rum drinks and eventually the restaurants started to disappear and now the name was bought and a new Don The beachcomber is revived.

It is the first one back on the mainland. It is actually at the Old Sam's Seafood in Huntington Beach (where I got married in the Hidden Village Tiki Room). They are bringing back the original 1930's cocktail recipes and menu so I hear.
Anyways I am looking forward to having a nice big Mai Tai in the near future..which hopefully will be this Thursday!


Tikimama said...

Cool! When is it supposed to open? I've definitely gotta go check it out!

Iris said...

it's open now!