Monday, August 10, 2009

Ancient Chinese Secret...CHEN'S

Last night Gabe and I took the kids out for a Authentic Chinese Cuisine at Chen's . I cannot believe for as long as I been living here that this was the first time I ever been and I will definitely go back. It is a old hole in the wall Chinese restaurant right around the corner from where I live. We were hearing so many good things about and Parker was excited to to try a new food. He has had Chinese take out before but never been to a restaurant which is much more different.
Ava sitting quietly (well for a moment) at the dinner table.
Father and Son..
Along with your water they serve you some small cups and a kettle pot full of green tea before the meal is served. Parker liked the tea.
They then brought out a BIG steaming Egg Flower Soup which was AWESOME! It had bak Choy,scallops,tofu,shrimp,snow peas, carrots and water chestnuts in a savory broth with a puff cruchy rice mixed in. We ate the whole bowl. Parker had a little but did not care for it too much. He did enjoy the appetizers of fried shrimp,and spare rib..he would not try the eggroll.
So delicious..this was probably my 4th helping.
When our food was served we could barely eat after the appetizers and soup. Gabe had a shrimp in lobster sauce dish and I had the honey walnut glazed chicken. Mine was a little too sweet for my taste.
Next time I will probably order the chop suey and have some lychee ice cream...I may have to go this Friday for more Chen's!! We drove through 2nd street with the convertible top down after running an errand after dinner. AVA LOVED IT. She was yelling and laughing and throwing her hands in the air.


John and Kirsten said...

looks like kirsten and I have a new chinese place to check out!

Iris said...

Let us know when you want to check it out..we will go with you! It gets PACKED though so we would probably need a reservation.