Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting Better..Horsing around

Yesterday was a very busy day of running errands. We first slept in a little and went to IHOP for breakfast to try the Hawaiian pancakes n and spent the rest of the day buying party supplies for Ava's Birthday but before our busy day of errands it was off to take Parker to his 4th riding lesson. He got the horse to trot for the first time today. He thought it was a blast.

Parker before lessons. When he first gets to the stables he has to check in and then find his riding helmet..he always uses the brown riding helmet.

Then once his helmet is on it is off to the stair case where the stable attendant gets his horse ready.
Parker waiting for his horse Chief!
Chief is a pretty big horse but he is pretty stubborn too. Parker was really kicking him to go but he would not.
Off to the Arena to do the riding lesson.Look How big this horse dwarfs Parker.
Parker riding the horse and stirring him all by himself...little scary when you think about how little this kid is controlling this 11,000 lb beast.
Time to walk over some poles.

Everyone is so surprised at how good Parker does with the horse in comparison to his first day on one. There is a little girl that rides there and she always sits on the bleachers and watches Parker do his riding lesson. She is about 11 years old. She is a HUGE horse lover. She told us her dream was to ride a horse in the water. I am going to have Parker do his lessons until he goes back to school. Hopefully by then he will be able to get the horse to Canter.

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