Monday, August 3, 2009

Sundays are made for Pools and BBQ's

We spent the day at the Henry Resort on Sunday. Gabe and I and the kids and My uncle John and Kirsten and the kids spent the day lounging poolside and had a BBQ.

Kirsten had a bowl of fresh Berries on the table and we gave Ava a few blueberries..I think you can tell from the look on her face how she thought about those. Johnny kept coming up and swiping her blueberries that Kirsten would put on the tray for her. It was pretty funny.
The dads and the bigger kids were rough housing in the pools while the moms and the babies sat in the shade to watch.
It looks like the dads are really the big kids in the pool.
Time for the moms to come in and relax in the cool water. We went in with the babies and all of us were in the pool so once the dads took the babies out it was really time for the relaxing. Parker was tugging me around the pool.
I said stop taking Pictures of me in my swimsuit..shoo shoo
Ava had a fun time playing with all the backyard toys and exploring.
John Barbecued some ribs and burgers and fast away we were eating. Kirsten came out with a couple of hot dogs for john to cook up so he popped them in and came and sat down with us to eat and have some wine..I noticed later throughout the conversation that there was a bit of smoke from the bbq and John was like Opps looks like we may have some burnt hot dogs..when he open the grill yep there was a small fire.
Well so much for the hot dogs..It was pretty funny to look at thoughAfter eating and winding down a bit the kids seemed to be getting really tired so it was time to pack it up and go back home to the McCaffrey compound. Ava was really getting fussy. This is not the look of a happy baby.

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Ally said...

Awww...I love the Henry resort! It is just so relaxing and comfy there!