Thursday, August 20, 2009

My eyes are playing tricks on me

I have always been a tremendous fan of Optical Illusions and on my Google page I have this App that daily gives me a new optical illusion to view and here are a few of my faves.

This one is a still picture but when you stare at it it looks like it is moving..

This one if you stare at the black plus sign in the middle of the circle the pink dots around begin to turn green.
IS this a Skull or a Women looking at her vanity
When you stare and focus at the bottom yellow dot the one in the right hand corner disappears.
Click on this picture below to enlarge it. Stare at the two black dots for 15 seconds then look at a bright surface like a white wall or a white piece of paper..what do you see now???
If you stare at this and slowly step back from it the image will switch to the other side.
Aren't optical illusions fun!!

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