Monday, August 10, 2009

Keep cool In the Summertime

Ally emailed me some pictures that she took from John and Kirstens Last Crab Leg, Wine and Pool party. That was such a great time. What a great way to keep cool in the summertime.

Ava loves to play in the small pool and splash around. we moved her on over to the big pool in her floaty toy..I don't know if she cared for it right away
Kelsey had fun playing with Ava in the pool
I tell you putting kids in the pool for the day equals a good nights sleep.well most of the time
JJ was keeping cool with his drink
Sean was too...This is his Mento's the freshmaker face..Before several glasses of wine
And after several glasses of wine..I have no idea what he is doing to my brother??
It is such a great time at Casa de Henry. I can't wait for the next wine/pool party. I hope to attend at least a couple more before the summer is over. I know though that gabe and I always have a great time at John and Kirstens place even if were just hanging in the pool with a bag of chips and dip and some beers it is always a blast!!


Flor Larios Art said...

I bet they had lots of fun!

Ally said...

Hahah..yeah I'm not sure what Sean was doing. Maybe saying your were *this* high last time I saw you...or something? Alex looks just totally thrilled about it all, doesn't he??