Sunday, August 16, 2009

Were in the Movies!!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day for me and I didn't get a chance to blog cause my computer was having some NETWORK problems. Anyway I started my day at 5:45am in the morning cause I had to work a special event at Warner Brothers Studios.
Basically what this event was that there was a big promotion held all through Europe for the Jim Carrey movie YESMAN. In each area some sort of competition or promotion was going on where one person would win a trip for two to Hollywood California. I guess there was a coordinator who stayed with the group and took them around to do lots of fun things and Saturday one of the fun things would be riding Vespa's through WB Studios around Blondie Street. Now Blondie street was full of houses that are in movies and shows such as Bewitched, Small Soldiers, Pushing Daises, The Griswold house and much more..

Since Sean is my neighbor and we work together we carpooled because he was going to work the event. (We had 3 people from our company,Peter and Sean and the help of an employee from one of our dealerships Amauri). This is at the front gate

OO We already saw Peter and Amauri there unloading the Vespa's and WHAT it was the fountain from the opening on Friends..I had to take a couple photos!!
I'll be there for you...lalalalala...I was singing that..
The event was broken up in Two groups of 14. The first group was shuttled in. And they were all from EVERYWHERE..Germany,Netherlands,Greece,Ireland,Israel,Spain,UK etc...It was pretty scary a LOT of these guys did not know how to ride bikes..I swear I thought I was going to see some accidents..just a few bikes fell and no one was hurt..not too bad.
Then we got the group to sit at the friends fountain while they gave us their cameras to take photos.
The guys talking Shop
This was the second group..which made me have a heart attack..they were all over the place!
By 11:30am it was time to pack in the bikes and our riding gear
One last drive through the neighborhood..This is the house from Small Soldiers I think.

The morning went by quick..Than it was of to celebrate Gabe and I 10 year Mark!

That's another blog.

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