Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cupcakes and Cosmo's

Last night I went over to Holly's for some ladies night party she planned. There was about 10 of us girls and we had cosmo's and Beer and ladies chat. I didn't take too many photos cause I was to caught up in convo but I managed to squeeze in a couple candid shots. The making for this party was Holly's husband was away for Kings Classic Scooter Rally in San Francisco and Holly's old high school buddies were visiting so she said it was time to cut loose.

Here is Ally and Karen and Toni..All in deep convo.
Holly and Marissa. This is Holly's old High School Pal.
Ally and Toni up to Shenanigans
Marissa brought A BUNCH of Sprinkles cupcakes..I had the red velvet one..It was good very moist..
Some more of the gals..enjoying beers and chips. Karen Made some Guacamole that was really good.

It got to be a little of a crazy night. Holly found a firework in the back and decided to light it out on the street. I was in the backyard while Holy and Ally and Marissa went to the front to light what appeared to be a little fountain fire our surprise it sounded like a drive by shooting. It was so loud that Gabe called my phone asking if we were ok cause he heard gunshots..we are lucky the cops did not come...We also managed to slip away from the house and raid the local gay bar for last call (THE SILVER FOX). Now that was fun! Ahh yes good times...

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Ally said...

Ahahah...I never even noticed you had your camera! Oh, and that pic above is me and Holly, not Toni...LOL
It was a great time! Nights like that make me never want summer to end.