Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As summer comes to an end

So summer is coming to an end and then it's back to school time!! Finally! I been thinking about a few things that I would like to cram into the last two weeks of summer vacation.

  • Wine tasting (which we have a trip to Temucula coming up)

  • Gabe has been dying to do a bon fire which maybe labor day weekend??

  • Water Park..We promised to take Parker to the waterpark so most likely I will cram that in this Saturday.

  • Zoo I realllly wanted to plan a zoo trip

  • I really wanted to get one more camping trip in but it doesn't look promising

  • Back to School Clothes shopping

I am really bummed out because I was hoping that we would win the lottery(not money lottery even though I would not mind that either) and get Parker into a new school but it looks like maybe not since we never got a notice from Fremont so it looks like he is going to be back at MANN.

I really wanted him in Fremont cause they just offer so much more activities for the kids and MANN is just so bland and a lot of the bad kids are getting bussed in at MANN.

I still have my fingers crossed that maybe I will hear from them this week.

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Umm hello? Santa Ana Zoo!!! Tell me when you want to go? Maybe you feel a sick day coming on SOON!! It's cheap to get in and actually kinda nice!