Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If I had a Thousand Dollars to blow..

I would so much love to get the World's most expensive Sundae..The Golden Opulence served at Serendipity in New York. I was watching the travel channel and came across this segment on this very rich dessert made for well those who can afford to blow a grand.

Now you may wonder what can possibly make this such an expensive treat..I'll tell ya!

First of all they serve it in a baccarat Harcourt Crystal Goblet (the same kind used in the Vatican)

They line the crystal goblet in edible 24k gold leaf (paper) then spoon in the rarest most expensive chocolate Amedei Porceleana (only a very small amount harvested) And serve it with Tahitian Vanilla ice cream which they slice up Madagascar vanilla bean brush on the vanilla bean scrapping over the vanilla ice cream. They put chunks of another rare chocolate in it (Chuao which is from cocoa beans harvested by the Caribbean Sea on Venezuela's coast.)

They then Decorate the ice cream with more gold leaf, and rim the goblet with candied fruits from Paris and these gold I think covered almonds. They also Garnish the ice cream with a 8 hour hand crafted gold Sugar flower...the finishing touches are a small glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar, it's salt free and infused with Passion fruit and the final final touch is gold sprinkled over the sundae and a 18k solid gold spoon to eat it with...

Now that's living!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I wanna go there. There supposed to have the best frozen coco too!

Iris said...

Yeah I am soo going there when i go back to NY for work!!