Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dinner Out..

Gabe always works Friday day shifts so Friday nights we get to spend together. We were talking about going to Disneyland after we both got off work that evening but My knee is still very painful so I knew I would not be able to make it around the park so we decided just to go to California Adventure to take Parker in the play area by Grizzly Rapids he loves to go exploring but never gets a chance to cause we always have another agenda. We were hungry so we stopped at the CoCo's across the street from the park and had a bit to eat first. (LET ME JUST GIVE PROPS TO THE CARMEL AND PEACH CREAM PIE)

Ava picking out what she wants.

We decided that Gabe would Take Parker to the Grizzly Park area and I would watch the Electrical Parade with Ava. She was so Mesmerized by all the lights and was clapping. After the parade we watched the firework show then left for home. I took this picture on the tram to the car. They look like they just spent the whole day at the park.
Parker looked pretty tired also. It was fun. I wish my knee was not so painful cause it would have been nice to go into Disneyland at least for a couple rides.

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