Monday, August 24, 2009

Ava's 1st Beach Birthday Bash

On Sunday we celebrated Ava's first birthday at Mother's Beach in Long Beach. We choose that place because it is the end of summer and what better place then the beach. This beach is really nice cause it has a grassy shady area,a playground, and a small shallow beach perfect for small children. I took a lot of Random photos so be prepared! Cambria and Ava had a good time chatting with each other. They are about 2 1/2 months apart
My uncle,John Jr. and My dad
Toni, Thelma and Holly watching the kids
Ally made cupcakes. We had all kinds. There was chocolate with chocolate mousse frosting, Pineapple cake with coconut frosting,Strawberry shortcake, Strawberry Meringue and Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting.
Parker brought his candy crane game..The Kids LOVED IT!!
There was so much to do some of the party was at the playground,some under the trees and others at the beach.
I took Ava to the swings and her big cousin Maddie was pushing her..she was laughing so hard. I made a video..Some reason though my videos always come out sideways.
Ampahgn and Xander relaxing under the shade.
Maddie had Ava by her side pretty much the whole day. She usually does whenever there is family events. She was taking Ava to visit with Evie.
Gabe's brother Steven and his sister Linda with Steven's wife Angelina and their daughter Savannah and Ava of course.
Time for presents!! Ava got Lots of stuff. She actually did pretty good opening her presents..she will be a pro by the time Xmas comes.
Ava was getting wiped out from opening presents
So cousin Maddie and Kelsey decided to help out
The kids had a blast playing Limbo..Maddie helped Ava play limbo too..Ava got pretty far in the game (it's easier to see when you click on the picture)
We missed Evie's bday party cause we were camping at that time but we did have her gift to give her. She has a western theme bedroom so we got her a Giant horse for her room.
Ava at home with her birthday gifts. She got tons of cute outfits dresses, lots of Small Paul, Pj's, Cool retro style shirts, dresses, two piece sets, Coats...TONS of cute cute baby Gap that look like Outfits I want for myself!! (in bags not pictured) and a bunch of fun toys like the re issues of the vintage fisher price chatter phone and learning clock, a toys that has tons of little rattles and mirrors and other misc stuff on it, A musical Train toy, baby's first purse,A toy shopping cart, Baby Elmo,A baby stroller for Elmo, Talking story books and puzzles, a music set, random Fisher price little people toys, a UGLY, Little Golden Books, A Paul Frank Ride on Toy, a really cool dish set with Bats and Skulls in pink and Black, A cute retro bracelet and 65.00 in Gift cards and cash.
She had a blast at her party even though she didn't get to really nap. I thought by the time she was home she would be out..she did not go to bed til past 8:30pm!! She even still had the strength to wake us at 4am in the morning too..She is A PARTY ANIMAL!!


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Cute! We had fun!! What GAP did you get? That is my obsession for Cambria, I buy her WAY to mcuh!

Iris said...

It's this cute black and white mod dress with these buttons this one

and a cute tan and brown double breasted Jackie-O style coat
and some floral dresses that are brown like the ones on the website..Chelsea collection

Iris said...

Link will not wrap

Black and white dress

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

haha I was planning on getting that for you but I had a feeling someone else would thats why I asked =) heehee