Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Twins..

So as I was making out Ava's invites yesterday for her birthday party and I was thinking about all the little babies that are going to be there that are Ava's age. I then got to thinking about the niece and nephew whom I see maybe every 3 months if lucky. Anyway my aunt is making my grandmother a book of all her Great grandchildren and I was able to score some pictures of my brother's twins Alexis and Logan so I thought I would post the pictures up here.

Alexis and Logan at Disneyland
Logan likes the bouncy house
Funny babies..they look a lot alike except ones more dainty than the other
This picture cracks me up
Ava,John Jr and the twins are so close in age all within 6 months of each other that I really wish they were around more so all the babies can grow up close together. I am confident though that we will Especially now that Jessica and the babies live in Long Beach.

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Ally said... the second to last pic Alexis has that same look her Dad often does!