Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All the Pretty Flowers

So at work they gave us Friday and Monday off for the Easter holiday weekend. Friday I spent my day home relaxing and recovering from being sick all week. It was such a beautiful day though and thought I would let Ava walk around outside for a bit. she had so much fun playing with all the flowers in the neighborhood.

She walked up to these huge roses to give them a sniff
Then she saw these tiny flowers and decided she wanted to stomp on those
Picking was much more fun then stomping though
The gardeners were out mowing the lawn next door...She is usually very intrigued by the vacuum in the house but the lawn mowers looked like big Outside vacuums..she was perplexed.
Looking for flowers by the tree
OOO a puddle of water was fun to splash in
But not as much as this colorful assortment of flowers
Once she tried to start picking them all it was soon time to move away from the flowers
before they were all gone.

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