Thursday, April 15, 2010

~*~The Specials~*~*~

Tonight Gabe and I are going to see THE SPECIALS at the Nokia! This is the first time in 30 years they are doing a concert with pretty much the whole original members in the USA. Pretty much all our friends are going to be there as well. I can hardly contain myself!!! These guys were so very popular in the 80's and had hit after hit after hit.
Gabe and I are carpooling with Chris and Holly and we all have reservations for trader Vics in LA with about 14 of our other friends. We are going to have dinner and tiki drinks before going to the show. Tickets are all sold out and you can find them here and there for no less than a hundred bucks a piece now. The show in New York I heard sold out in a day or few. Anyway I am posting a bunch of their you tube videos to celebrate! **remember to hit pause on my music player at the bottom of my blog page before viewing videos**

*They are also playing Coachella this weekend*

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Thelma said...

Lucky! Man you're gonna have loads of fun!