Friday, April 16, 2010


Seriously I am so glad it is Friday. Last night's show at club Nokia was Off the Hook but I am paying the price today for those sneaky tiki drinks at Trader Vic's ( Note to Self : The Big Kahuna has more booze in it then I taste..only get one)

Gabe and I went up with Chris and Holly and we got there early to find ofcourse good parking and dibs on good seats. Since our dinner reservations were not until 5:30 and we had time to kill and went to some bar at this very old hotel that I cannot remember the name .
We met up with some friends
Chris and Gabe..don't they look just so thrilled

Christan was the Two Tone Queen for the evening!
Best Harem in the house!
My Dapper Hubby
This was my first of a few Big Kahuna's at Trader Vic's! Yep's on fire..Should have been the first warning to stay away ) Mondo in the back ground ..oooooo fire!! Damn you Arnold..I swear every time i try and take a picture of him's of him blocking his face!
Mark getting lucky with the gals
All us gals after a few drinky's. After meeting up with more and more friends in the lounge..dusk was upon us and it was time to go to the concert
The band was so incredible...I danced my butt off!..I feel the pain today
I so wish I could see them play again but it is probably unlikely that they will ever play out here again...Bummer..........They did do all the songs from the video I posted yesterday and many more of their hits.

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