Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!!

So I am posting up all the Easter activities we been up to the whole weekend so be sure to check out all of the blogs I posted after this one.
The Easter bunny brought some great goodies for the kids
Ava was so excited to see her very own Easter bucket sitting on the table for her
She could not wait to dig in to look at all the goodies
Parker could not wait to dig in either and grab the first candy he could unwrap the quickest to eat..ahh peanut butter Egg..what a better breakfast for Easter eh?
The Easter bunny brought me a basket too!!
Later in the morning My parents came by to drop off some baskets for the kids as well and some goodies for Gabe and I
Parker was in deep thought checking out some goods
Little girl patiently waiting for me to unwrap a small chocolate egg for her
she just loved this little princess wand she got in her basket from Grandma and Grandpa
Soon it was off to John and Kirsten's for some Easter dinner. This was not too long after the earthquake that had hit earlier in the day. I was in my kitchen making some cheesy cream corn when it hit. Gabe and I and the kids didn't even know there was one until I called my uncle to see what time we should come up and him telling me Hey did you just feel that earthquake. We had no idea.
This was one of the best hams I have ever had. It was so tasty
The kids were all playing in the backyard while the grown ups ate their dinner. after I was done I rounded them all up to come and eat. They were all so well behaved sitting together at the table.
They all did a good job eating
I am sure Ava felt like a big girl sitting at the table without a highchair. she is getting better using her utensils
Food coma
All the kids crashed out pretty early..cept for Ava. She was on a jelly belly rush. She just wanted to sit on top of the table and play peek a Boo with the curtain...she started to rub her eyes and we knew it was time to go home an put the kids to bed.
Once we got home and tucked the kids in bed Gabe and I got into our Pj's and lit some candles and enjoyed a glass of red wine and shared a chocolate eater bunny that went perfectly with the wine. It was a very nice way for the two of us to close the evening.

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Thelma said...

Man those are some nice Easter baskets! Looks like a blast!