Friday, April 9, 2010

Mid Century Make Over

So I am majorly in complete love with the Mid Century look. I don't know if it is because it takes me back to a simpler happy time or cause it is just really friggen cool looking. Anyway..My home has some good pieces but it seriously is like a mixture of Pop Art , meets Atomic Ranch..meets Space age meets Ikea. I just call it RETRO Design. I have been told before that it looks like a consignment shop.
I am really right now wanting to complete my home with some extra special touches such as new "old" couches ( I been holding off cause I have small children) a Stereo console and new lamps.

I love this chair and love seat!! Almost all my furniture have these legs too so I have got to get matching couches soon.
I would LOVE to have this. I am sure it is not easy to come by. I got to thinking to that I really need to start using my mother's working at a Thrift store resources. I called her up yesterday afternoon and asked her is they ever received the mid century Stereo Record player consoles and she said yes every once in awhile but they get turned away cause they are so large and take up so much space in their store they just don't want them. I told her I would come and pick them up and buy them when they come in. So she said she would talk to the people at work about it but we could probably do that. I also told her to give me a call when couches come in and lamps etc. I will have to start posting up my new finds.
I really hope to be moving this summer and it would be great to finally start furnishing a HOME rather then my tiny stale ol apartment.
So time to begin Project Mid Century!!


Thelma said...

I love that style too! It's so unique!

Midcenturymadam said...

We have three console stereos that we bought for around $20.00- $40.00. My favorite one came from the dumps. We use it for our TV now (which I don't have a photo of) but you can see it here on my blog.
I am a nut for mid century modern, hence the name.
Hope you find one soon!