Thursday, April 1, 2010

Backyard BBQ

Sunday night I had a craving for Steak and Baked potatos and roasted corn so Gabe said he would go set up the BBQ in the backyard. Parker was upstairs playing with his friends so Gabe and I and Ava hung out in the back to relax and bbq.
Ava was facinated by the flames. I kept a very close eye on her.
MMMM..this was one big steak..we cut it into a few mini steaks
We put potatoes and corn on right away
Ava and I walk out front for a bit..she was having fun smelling the flowers. I love how she stands to get a good whiff of the flowers.
Toni came over and joined us for dinner...Ava wanted to sit with the adults and try and be a big girl
The coals kept going out and we had to keep re lighting them.
I think finally we got them going
We grilled Ava a hot dog cause she looooves hot dogs and sat her at her table with some cut up hot dog. She was so good when she was done eating she brought her plate over to the table and placed it there nicely and said Thank You.
She was ready for seconds too.
Parker finally showed up to join us and was being chased by Ava
It was a nice little BBQ..can't wait til I have a real backyard one day
Meat is Done
and after dinner so was I . I had a sore throat and scratchy sinuses all day. I knew I must be coming down with something. Sure enough I did!


Thelma said...

Looks so yummy! I feel like I'm kinda sick too, my nose is itchy and my throat hurts too. It's the changing weather maybe. Get better soon.

Thelma said...
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