Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Dan!

Last Saturday Night Gabe and I went to Pasadena to celebrate with Dan his thirty something birthday. What a wonderful place him and Sara have together. A old craftsman's home built in 1918or something like that. They pay dirt cheap for this place too. They pay pretty much what we pay for our two bedroom crappy apartment but they have a house! very nice!

We sang Dan Happy Birthday
Of course after having some appetizers and cocktails
This was a mocha cake..I did not have any but Gabe said it was wonderful!!
Dan and his girlfriend Sara with Dan's parents

The one of two places your guaranteed to find MSB...either pouring himself to another rum and coke or out where everyone is smoking.
Us Gals..ughhhh I really need to minimize the size of my bust. I think the majority of my weight is in those.....
Gabe and Jim Cherry I think his name was. He does a blog also and photography.
Dan and Peter
Gabe and Sara
Everyone goofing off
Dan Sabored a bottle of champagne for a late night toast
Cheers~~~ I had a little of the champagne. Gabe spent the last two hours drinking ginger ale since we had some driving to do.
After mingling with our crowd of friends it was surprisingly 3am when we realized we were getting sleepy and ready to go. I just love celebrating with friends.

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