Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt with the Henry's

These pictures are a bit out of order..
This is of the kids After the Easter Egg hunt when we got home from Breakfast with the Henry's
Early Saturday Morning Gabe and I and the kids met up with John and Kirsten and the kids and we all headed to St. Timothy's to do a big Easter Egg hunt. There was also a lot of fun other activites going on such as guess how many candies are in the jar, raffles, crafts and a prize table full of little toys for the kids to pick out with their tickets they got when we signed in.
Ava loved carrying around her Easter Basket
They had different areas of the school filled with Easter eggs and separated all the kids by age
Ava kept running into the field trying to collect the eggs..this is Gabe's probably 7th time chasing her and removing her from the field
Kirsten and Johnny
Kelsey with one of her classmates from school. They thought the baskets were fun hats too.
Ava anxiously waiting to grab eggs
Is it time yet???

Before the hunt all the kids gathered around for a story. Ava was really funny running into the crowd of kids sitting done and plopped herself right in the middle. I was not able to get a picture of it but it was cute.

Gabe stayed with Parker while he did the hunt with other kids in his age group and Kirsten and I took Ava and Johnny to the under 2 section. Besides Easter eggs there were all kinds of little white goodie bags to collect as well with awesome treats inside such as cookies,crackers,fruit snacks and beanie babies.
There was a little play house in the area that Ava seemed to be much more interested in.
She started to get the hang of gathering eggs
Parker's Basket was soo full that he started to fill up a plastic bag that was being handed out to all the kids.
Found a CANDY!
After the festivities the Henry's and us all went out to have a big breakfast/lunch cause none of us had eaten yet. The food was soo good and filling.

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