Monday, April 26, 2010

Beware of Cat!!

It was a fun weekend filled with drinks and friends. Friday night I made a ton of Pasta and had some friends over for dinner and wine. Sean and Julia, Jesse and Hilarie with their 2 year old Allister and Holly came to have dinner. After awhile for wine Dave and Edina and Andy and Davina and kids all came over as well. It was nice cause all the kids played together and had a good time and we all listened to music and had nice convo and full bellies. I took pictures but I was fart'n around with my camera Saturday and accidentally deleted all the photos..Major bummer!

Earlier in the day Saturday Andy came by to pick up the boys since they stayed over last night and when he came to pick them up he brought his Dog over..Yeah I never thought my cats really cared to much about dogs.
I have had this doormat for ever..Love it.
See Peaceful cat..let's Ava torment her from time to time..I always have to keep a watchful eye
Calm Cat
Evil cat! This is when the dog was over
I have NEVER Seen her this pissed before...she is pretty spooky looking
She is a Bengal Mix cat. Bengals are Hybrids usually mixed with Abyssinian and part Asian Leopard cat. Her Mother was a show cat and I bought her from a breeder and was wanting to show her as well. I didn't have her fixed but she was an escape artist and did get out a few times and got pregnant. She finally got fixed but it was not hard to get rid of her kittens. Some of the kittens came out looking like pure breeds. However Jeep was her last litter and they didn't come out with great markings but the body confirmations are much like a Bengal and the personalities for sure.
I really love my cats and they are all very good pets. As wild as they can appear they are very gentle beasts!

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John and Kirsten said...

Wow she does look ticked off and she is really beautiful!