Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jamba Juice is for Sharing!!

I been out sick for the past couple of days so I am catching up on some blogging so be sure to read all the ones below. I am also going to be without a computer until next Tuesday so I won't be blogging after today until next week.
This was from Tuesday my first day out sick with a fever and strep throat. Gabe went to buy me a Jamba juice in the morning and brought home a mini one for Ava. Parker was at school but he was bummed when he came home from school to see that we had Jamba juices.
Ava cannot drink this any faster
We had a orange berry blast
Ava enjoyed her Jamba juice so much she walked over to her singing Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee Doll to share with him. She also tried to give some to Plex too. I swear she loves these dolls so much cause they both sing and talk.
Yayyyyy..that is what she was saying after she gave Brobee and Plex a sip off her juice
Anyone else want a sip??
She was making her dolls dance and talk together..My favorite thing she does is try and get Brobee and Plex to hold hands..tooo funny
Ava is so good about sharing..I hope it last.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

1st of All there Is something NASTY going around! Everyone in this house has it right now and it SUCKS!!! I hope Ava doesn't catch it. Guess our playdate is off =( Dang It! Cambria LOVES Jamba Juice! She takes mine from me all the time! And gabba, yup her fav thing in world! Where'd you get Brobee? I have the Plex one ( I got at Xmas time at Target ) but Brobees her fav person!

Retro Mom said...

yeah i hope she doesn't get sick either. Ava loves yo gabba gabba. Gabe and I always go check out Tuesday morning stores and the one we go to always has yo gabba gabba stuff everytime we visit so i been getting stuff everytime i come across it.