Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long Beach Pizza Co.

Saturday night we met up with a couple of our friends and their kids at the Long Beach Pizza Co.
This place always has awesome food and it's never too crowded and best yet it is in walking distance from our apartment!!
The gang!! Ava pretty much fell asleep right away. Must have been from the long day of yard sales
Parker was keeping himself occupied by making the salts fight against the peppers. Of course the Parmigiana was part of the salts team and the red pepper flakes were part of the black peppers team.
Gabe and Jesse with little Allie in the background
Gabe ordered a sandwich and the rest got pizza. I ordered this awesome pasta pesto dish with chicken,artichoke,mushrooms,onion,peppers and garlic.
This was the Pesto Pizza. I heard it was excellent!
After we ate we all sat around and talked over a pitcher or 3 of beers. I just had one small glass of wine cause I was just too tired. Parker started falling asleep so Gabe and I had to take off to get the kids to bed.
I really need to take advantage more of all the neat places to dine at and shop for that matter in my neighborhood. It's great too cause Jesse and Hillary just moved a couple blocks away from us so it looks like we have more friends to make it all merrier.

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