Monday, April 12, 2010


This weekend in my uncles neighborhood in Lakewood the reality group hosted a large multi block yard sale event. Basically a flyer was sent to all the residents that the group would post up signs and do advertisements for the yard sale..all you had to do was bring out your old unwanted items.

Gabe and I brought some stuff over to my uncles to sell some of our stuff. Now we have TONS!!!!! of stuff..but we mainly sold all of Ava's old baby items as well as some of Parker's old toys, clothes, and knic knacs.

Just to give you an idea how much crap we have here is a photo of one of Two garages..this is only a section..Not even the whole garage and what is hidden in the rafters!
Behind those flags are boxes and boxes of old vintage toys,vintage figurines,records,books,board games, roller skates, vintage purses and shoes etc...
The second garage I didn't even take pictures mainly consists of vintage clothes,shoes, toys, work shop equipment, some mid century tables that need to be repaired, A few Old Rain Lamps, old enamel pots and pans and water cans etc...
We have a ton of collectible items and one day I hope to get a booth at the long Beach Antique swap meet to cut loose a lot of these items. It is really time to clean house!
Anyway all in all we pretty much sold everything we brought to the yard sale so we were pretty happy.
Can't wait for round two of yard sales.

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