Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just have to VENT..the time has come

The time has finally come for Gabe and I to finally move from this tiny stale old apartment.
It seems to be right in the nick of time too. We just got some horrible neighbors this past February and for lack of better words they are bringing the Ghetto into what was once a quiet little historical neighborhood.
The new neighbors hang out on the porch all day, smoke weed in the front yard, listen to loud music, hoot and holler at the women walking by to go to the corner store, let their kids go off and do what ever they want (which is usually loitering in my carport)and I just cannot take that anymore.
They always have shady looking characters coming in and out of their place too. Ever since they moved in the houses in the neighborhood have been getting robbed and they even had to lock down Parker's school (which is on the corner from our block) to hunt for a robbery suspect in the neighborhood.

Speaking of the loitering kids, I pull up yesterday home from work and 4 boys are just walking up and down my driveway and Parker is not out there playing with them..and his razor scooter is outside by my garage in the back. One of the kids (after he saw me bringing in groceries and begging for me to open the bag of sunchips he saw in my bag so he can have some as he has a bag of chips in his hand) they were first of all playing in our carport with Parker's basketball hoop and ball while no one was home like it is a friggen park, One was hanging from the hoop and the other throws the ball over the fence..Gabe tells them to get lost they can't be hanging out while no one is home, then one takes Parker's razor scooter and goes to a friends house a couple blocks away and never brings the scooter back. Just basically stole it. Didn't ask to borrow..just took it from Parker (he said). So frustrating!

Besides the unsavory neighbors there is also the upstairs neighbor who has two boys that are both hyperactive and all the do is jump up and down and scream and yell and my windows are constantly shaking and the apartment is always trembling with noise. I mean almost nightly I have to walk upstairs and tell them to please keep it down and it works...for 5 Minutes!! You would think the parent would have some sort of consideration for the people that live below them.

Only two more months of it though. It will be a big change for us. A much needed change. Finally a backyard for the kids, and their own bedrooms, Two bathrooms, and just more much needed space! It also lights a fire underneath our butts to get rid of Clutter. I know we will have to be more thrifty with our money as far as less dining out, less shopping for stuff we really don't need, less trips and club night events but that is perfectly fine by me!
I much rather have a comfortable place to call home.

C'mon July 1st!! I am so ready!


LorynM said...

How exciting!! Where is your new place? We're looking at a place in Pasadena today, a duplex but it has its own pool!

Retro Mom said...

Moving to Lakewood. We are going to be renting my uncle and Aunts house from them cause they are moving away to Boston :( which is a total bummer cause we spend a lot of time with them.

Thelma said...

That sucks about the neighborhood. Crazy kids with no manners!
Lakewood will be nice. And having the extra space good for you and Gabe.

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

OMG, WE ARE IN THE SAME BOAT! Our lease is up July 1st too AND we have Ghetto neighbor's!! Across from us they smoke pot ALL day and cuss at there kid's. Then next to us has pre teen boy's that run up and down the stairs, slam door, yell, everything you can imagine!! Now the guy that's in our driveway ( kinda like an ally with the garages in it ) has a DIRT BIKE that he starts everyday at 5 am to go to work. Hello? Annoying! There's no way we could have a baby in that room now! Wait, your moving into Kirstens? She's leaving!? No more scrapbooking night's? Like weve done that in years but hey it was fun! Are those up stairs neighbor's still the same ones that have been there since you moved in?

Retro Mom said...

Yes Kirsten and my uncle and the kids are moving back to Boston! Such a bummer.
Yes same neighbor upstairs as when we moved in. Her oldest boy is 6 months younger then Parker and she has a 4 year old as well. It is Insane! The oldest boy is like parker's best friend he plays with all the time. That is the only reason why I have not complained to the landlord constantly about them and just been living with it..But i can't take it no more!