Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ut Oh Spaghetti Zzzzzzzzz's

So sometimes it can be a little tricky being a full time working mom then to come home and the hubby leave for his job and I take over the homestead. I have to find ways to manage my time such as showers,feeding myself,laundry,paying bills etc as well as feed the kids, make sure they have baths, reading stories, clean up after them,brushing teeth, putting to bed etc..

Well the only way for me to shower is when I feed the kids. I lock down Ava in her highchair and when she is eating that is my moment that I can hop in the shower for 10 min. When I shower I usually have to keep the door open to hear out for her and Parker is usually good keeping an eye on her which is nice .

Last week she skipped her mid day nap and I did my usual thing and made her and Parker Spaghetti O's which they both love and jumped in the shower. This is how I found her when I got out...
She had her face lying on the tray mashed up in her food
She was out for the count!. she was pretty upset when I took her out and started washing her up.
Silly babies!!


Thelma said...

OMG that's soooo cute!!!

John and Kirsten said...

That's classic!!