Monday, April 19, 2010

Girls Getaway

The gal pals and i been talking for the longest time especially when we do our girls night to take a overnight stay somewhere and just do a girls sort of weekender...well talk is cheap and so we finally did it!

Thelma and I kept saying let's do it and we asked our other girls to come out but no one was able to afford it at the time so it look like at first that it was just Thelma and Myself. We talk to Toni and she said to count her in as well. Anyway I knew if I didn't book that room we were probably not gonna go so I booked it and there was no turning back.

Our first of hopefully more girl weekend getaways was a trip to Solvang to do some wine tasting. Thelma had never been before so it was exciting to see what she was going to think of it.

Thelma and Toni all met at my place at 7:30am Saturday morning and Thelma drove us up to the country. Thelma came with Starbucks in hand for us three and it was the perfect start of a interesting and terribly fun trip!

We got to Solvang about 10:30 am and we were all hungry and knew we better get some food in our tummy's before a whole day of tasting wine so we went to Paula's Pancake house and had a good ol fashioned country breakfast then it was off to the vineyards!
Our first vineyard we went to was Buttonwood. The first of the wines we tried were the whites and the whites were being served out in their back garden area. There was beautiful Irises there.
The 3 of us in the garden at Buttonwood
We went inside where they were serving the reds.
I had to bring out my wine journal at the first place...We had a free coupon for the Fess Parker Vineyard so we hoped back in the car and headed down the country road to Fess Parker
Fess Parker Vineyards. The place was huge and beautiful. I enjoyed pretty much every wine I had there. We took our red tastings outside and walked around the grounds for awhile and sat under a big tree. (Thelma has those pictures)
After Fess Parker it was close to 2 pm and we headed back to Solvang and check in our room then go walk around the town and do more tastings. Our first stop Presidio. I enjoyed everything there as well that I tasted. After Presidio we went to Lucas & Llewellyn where I am a member at and we all got to taste pretty much anything we wanted to for free. By this point we were all feeling pretty good.
We walked over to madonlina where I am a member there as well but first we had to pose next to the infamous clog shoe. Then proceeded with our tasting.
After that tasting we did some shopping. Thelma tried on this very cute headband with the most sparkly decoration on it. We told her she had to buy it!
Toni and I trying on big floppy hats. After shopping we had dinner then headed over to Alisal Cellars where we did more tastings.
We met some wine makers there that all stopped by and they were pretty funny guys and they let us taste some of the bottles they brought over from the Vintner's Festival that they were at earlier in the day. It was nighttime at this point and Toni went back to the room cause she was tired and could not drink anymore.
Thelma and I stayed to watch a funk band that was going to play at the cellar and we danced and had a glass of wine. We headed back to the hotel room and went to end the night by hanging out in the hot tub. It was a long eventful day.
The next day we got up and checked out of the room and had breakfast. We went to purchase some wines and then wanted to checkout the last wine room we had a free coupon for. This place was great. It was like this rockabilly wine room that had a private lounge area and a place where bands could play. The labels they put on their wines are really cool retro style labels and all the wines were very good.
They had rat pack pictures and pictures from the movie swingers. I of course had to join this wine club and Toni did as well. Check out their Site..Sort This Out Cellars
I love their glasses. I cannot wait to go back and introduce some more of my friends to this wine.
After we did our tasting there we hit the road back to home so we would not get bad traffic which we did not thankfully. We left close to 1pm and got home about 3:30.
We made a pit stop at a park in Santa Barbara Over looking the ocean. This Huge Seagull sat beside me. I had to take a picture of him.
All in all it was a fantastic trip and I cannot wait to go back.


Julia said...

Sean and I loved Mandolina. It looks like you girls had a great weekend. We will definitely have to check out the rockabilly place. It looks like a fun time!

I totally sympathize with Tired Toni. By the end of wine tasting I always feel like I'm going to have a wine baby.

Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Ive been dieing for a get away! Im jealous. BTW one of the guys that runs Sort this out seller's I HATE With a Passion!! haha. When I heard he started it I vowed never to go there...haha.Looks like fun though!

Retro Mom said...

Yeah is it Michael? I heard he used to work at Club 33!

Thelma said...

Awesome! Man that was a blast! We'll go back soon!