Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Should I go or Should I stay??

Tiki Oasis 10 is this August and I refuse to miss it yet another year. For about 6 years I been trying to go to this and I never do. It is like the biggest tiki fest in Southern California and I always see pictures and get so pissed that I was not there. Anyway it is on the weekend of Ava's Birthday but I am still debating if I should go or not.
I booked my room already at the Crowne Plaza Resort where they have the festival at. I got a Large two Queen Bed room poolside with a view of the stage where all the shows will be held.
For Thursday check in to Sunday check out the room rate is a whopping 500.00 + bill.
Gabe and I will hopefully be splitting the room though with Josh and Vickie.
I really love the whole tiki look of the place. It kinda reminds me of a whole resort of the place that Gabe and I got married at.
Here is someones view over the Atrium. Check out the KOI!!
I guess I will purchase my passes for the event this coming paycheck. I better start saving though cause now that we are moving and our rent is more expensive then what we pay now I really got to start budgeting and have money put aside for these big events.
The major bummer is that it happens to be the weekend of Ava's 2nd birthday.
We will probably have a small quaint party for her at our new house we will be living in.
Guess I better start saving for that too.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

I say go! Were not doing anything for Cambria's 2nd. Their to young and dont even know anyways! Maybe you can have a party for her next year!

Retro Mom said...

Yeah I don't think we are going to do anything either for Ava's bday. We will wait til she is 3 most likely as well.