Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Smile for Strawberry ShortCake

Tonight I made one of my favorite desserts..Strawberry short Cake. Parker and I sat in the bed watching AI and had one. I could not resist Ava was giving me the puppy dog eyes as I was eating and so I gave her a couple taste. Than me and Parker started singing a strawberry shortcake song to Ava that we made up and she had the BIGGEST smile I ever seen and Luckily I got a shot of it..Too Funny!

Anyway I think Strawberry Short Cake may be a Fave for her.


Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

That Is a cute smile, It's almost bigger then her whole face!

Ally said...

That is one happy baby!!! WOW...she just has the best smile. I'm partial to the 'raspberry' smile that you have on your 'Another girl' blog. I have that one on my phone screen saver :)