Friday, March 13, 2009

Lucky Friday the 13th..

I am not really a superstitious person and a lot of people are usually on this day of Friday the 13th. All my Friday the 13ths have always brought me good fortune.

This week the VP of our company made a surprise visit to our offices (well I knew she was coming and my boss but that was it)..The real surprise was the reasoning for her visit.
We all found out that she was to have a meeting with my boss and then with a few of the employess indivdually. Well Holly was the first of the employees to be spoken too. They basically made Holly a really good offer for her new job title and to let her know that effective April 1st she will no longer be a temp employee..which is great I already knew it was coming since my boss and I discussed than and I discussed it with the VP as well.

Another employee was brought into the office and he was let go. Which to tell you the truth was not surprising. He started when I was on maternity leave and I never really saw him put in an extra effort..well any effort to learn and be a effective employee. One of the other guys was called in for his meeting and I don't know what was said to him but he seem to be satisfied when he exited the office.

My turn finally came and the discussion was basically that I got a slight bit of a title change to HR rather than administrator. I also got a slight increase in pay.
Afterwards when the day was over the Vice President and I went out for a awesome dinner on the beach and some wine than I dropped her off at her hotel.

When I got home my husband opened a bottle champagne for us to celebrate!

Finally my hard work is paying off!

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