Friday, March 27, 2009

Another girl to the Group

I am just going to say that I am happy to find out that another baby girl will be added to the bunch. Congratulations Holly and Eric on your baby girl on the way!! Holly you are going to be Cleaning up with all the hand me downs we are gonna throw at ya. I will have to bring a box and you can choose what you want.
This weekend is going to be the start of my SPRING CLEANING. We have a yard sale coming up and my goal is to finally start getting rid of the junk that is being collected over the years. If I have not touched it in a year..Poof it is gone. I am sick of being a pack rat.

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Holly said...

Awwww thanks Iris! I cannot WAIT to start planning, decorating, and of course BUYING for our little one. Don't throw too much away during Spring Cleaning! We would of COURSE be happy to take stuff off your hands - we're stoked that Ava will be able to show our gal the fashion ropes, ha! :-)))))))))