Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gabe's Grandpa

Every week Gabe's mom comes over and watches Ava on Fridays since Gabe works the day shifts so he can have a nice long weekend with the family. I like that he is home Friday nights.
Anyway last week Gabe's mom met her half sibling over the weekend and was able to get a picture of her father ( Gabes Grandfather).
This is a picture of him. I guess he had green eyes and was pretty fair skinned.

I think he and Gabe have the same eyebrows....


Thelma said...

Wow I've always found geneology to be so fascinating. I can see the resemblence w/Gabe in the photo. I wish I can find out more about my dad's side. I already know a lot about my mom's.

Iris said...

yeah, I love being able to know my family heritage..my mom's side I don't know too much of though