Monday, March 16, 2009

The Hardest Vacation..

So I am getting ready for my

Trip to Vegas for the annual scooter rally. I have to go to the DMV early in the morning to pay the registration on the company truck that I am gonna borrow to haul me and Gabe's Scooters.

I been getting a little afraid and depressed though that I will be leaving Ava for a long period of time. I know I am gonna miss her really bad this trip. Parker I know will be fine but the baby I don't know how she is going to be.

We are leaving Thursday morning and coming back Monday afternoon. I may break down and leave Sunday though. I am really probably over thinking everything and worrying about nothing.

Gabe's mom will be here watching the kids for the time that we are gone. Ava is really attached to Gabe's mom so I think she will be fine. I just don't want her to forget me.

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Ally said...

Aww of course she won't forget you!!! She will go nuts for you as soon as you come home! Dang that picture of her on this post is so great! Each picture of her gets better and better. She really is the greatest baby. :)
I can't blame you at all for missing her like crazy. I'm sure she'll be fine but if you would feel better I will totally go up there Fri and/or Sunday and get some happy, smiley pictures of her with Grandma for you... ;)