Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Bye to single Hood

Friday night I went to Erin's bachelorette dinner party.

Well the girls went out to Wasabi for Sushi and drinks (we took a cab)
The fellas went to some Mediterranean restaurant with Belly dancers.
After the dinners we all met up at a local venue called Que Sara for more drinks and to watch bands play. We got Ripped!!! Oh the shenanigans of that night!

It was fun watching the presents she opened

Adrainne,Holly and Michelle

Adrainne said she looks like Pac man in this photo..LOL We got Babette in this shot
I think this was after a few Saki Shots

Me, Gina and Karen..having dinner I had a mango avocado salad that was so good and a fruity pebbles martini..well a couple of course after a couple Saki shots..

Holly bought Erin a veil with little plastic penises on it ..it was a crack up..this is her virgin Pose

Oh the best was the big plastic wedding ring which is actually a shot glass!!

The Party is getting started now

Now being fairly tipsy we were off to Que Sara and Gina found Mondo already there watching the bands

A few of the gals

Yeah..I was a bit sauced at this point ..it gets better this is after 2 more vodka cranberries..yipes

It could be worse..

Yeah at this point I was DONE..I think was after we were making patrons at the bar do a runway show down the hall...

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