Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kelsey turns 3!!

Today we went to Kelsey's 3rd Birthday Party. I went a little early to help Kirsten decorate and set up. It was a Dora the Explorer party. They had a bounce house,pony ride,petting zoo and pinata. It was a good time.

While we were setting up Ava got to play with her cousins

Parker hung out in the letting petting zoo. They had ducks,hens,bunnies,and goats
One of the hens even laid an egg!

Ava loved looking at the animals

But I think she had a better time playing with toys with her cousins

Parker took a couple pony rides

Ava liked the pony too!!

Time for the pinata...Parker was the one who busted it open..unfortunately my batteries died so I could not get a shot of him doing..but here is the birthday girl giving it a good try

Lots of candy..however some children just passing by that were not at the party decided to come raid the pinata candy as well
My brother
It's just not a party if you can't wear part of the pinata as a hat..

Time for the birthday cake!

Kelsey had a little help blowing out the candle

Time for presents

I caught Gabe in the act of giving Ava a taste of the cake

As he took away the spoon she snatched it back and was in heaven with the light cream icing
It was a long day but it was a lot of fun!


Holly said...

I love Ava's dress! It's adorable!

Iris said...

Well if you have a will be yours!!!

Holly said...

haha! you are such a sweetheart! and can you imagine yet another girl in the bunch? that would be so great! i can't WAIT to find out. march 27th should be THE day...:-)))))

Iris said...

My fingers are crossed for a girl...I have so many cute little outfits that I am bummed Ava can't fit into anymore. I have a ton of shoes too. A little boy would be fun in the mix too though! My neighbors are expecting and they are having a little boy and they got a ton of cute little outfits for him too.

Ally said...

Yes, I love that dress is so darling.

I laughed so hard at the picture of her going after the icing, that's priceless!