Saturday, March 14, 2009

Party at The Santa Ana Zoo

I have SO many pictures from today and it was really hard to cut back as much as I did.
Today we went to Liam's #2 Birthday Party. They had a spot reserved at the Santa Ana Zoo.

We have never been there before and really thought this place was so nice and in our backyard!
It's a tiny zoo...more like a Monkey zoo since that is mainly what they have but all in all what a fun place!

We got there a little early so we checked out the waterfall.

We went back over to the party. They had nice lunch and birthday festivities

Liam was a crack up every time Jennifer would light up the candle he would blow it out.

Gabe and his best friend Roland and Ava Paige

The cupcakes were tasty!

I let Ava have a tiny tiny taste of frosting..her eyes would not leave that cupcake

I love this picture..

Parker had fun playing on the animals

A few of the kids..including Gabe

I think this was my favorite monkey so cute and little

Look at the bright pretty

In the rain forest

After the party and viewing the zoo we took a train ride around the zoo

We than went over to make some wishes at the wishing well

Our last stop was to the petting zoo and farm
I zoomed my camera out and this turkey was pecking at it

Feeding the goats

Ava sees a goat for the first time

I like their Kermit eyes
It was such a great party and beautiful day.

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Isn't It great! I can't wait to take Cambria there. You should also go to Irvine Park. It's a HUGE park but they have a lil zoo in the back. They even have bear's and wolves.